About us

We created Grüplet because we believe it is evident that there is room for improvement in the current rental market. Tenants, landlords and agents could be in better communication with each other, agencies are forced to compensate with many changing regulations and ever increasing expenses, and there’s always nagging doubt when being tied to contracts with people you don’t know very well on all sides. It’s a growing issue and residential rental property market is still largely a process that’s stuck in its old ways.

That’s why after being tenants and landlords/agents ourselves, we came up with this modern solution to a common problem. There doesn’t have to be inflated fees and there doesn’t have to be middle man. All you need is a company that embraces new technology and services to provide a platform that not only tenants can use to find properties and have landlords/agents list and manage them, but everything else in between and beyond after signing that let agreement. At Grüplet, we are confident that we can achieve that by empowering the private rental market and provide the right tools to establish better trust and organisation for all sides.

We strive to be the all-in-one solution for everyone in the long term rental market and we are committed to keep adding more tools and services to make renting homes more simpler and stress free. We have a tonne of ideas bubbling away at Grüplet and we can’t wait to show you them moving forward, but if you have any suggestions yourself please let us know!

Thank you,